Unibody Frame Repair

Unibody Frame Repair can Save Your Vehicle from the Salvage Yard!

If you think your car has been totaled in an accident, we are here to help. The unibody frame of your vehicle may not be a total loss, despite what your insurance company may initially believe. Unibody frames are segmented, so that frame damage may be in individual sections, making repair an option, which is less expensive than purchasing a new car. If you are not sure what to do, call us! We can give you a fair and skilled assessment of your frame damage and recommend the best option for repairing your car. Our team has over 40 years combined experience in carefully repairing the unibody frame on cars, trucks and SUVs. We are licensed, insured and fully up to date on the latest repair techniques.

We take our work very seriously- when creating your estimate, we work with your insurance to determine which parts of your frame can be repaired, and which need to be replaced. We use the latest tools and technology to ensure that when we repair your frame, it is exactly to specs and restored to like-new shape. Nothing is left to chance with Performance Paint and Body; we go the extra mile to ensure that your car is safe and road-ready with our unibody frame repair.

Take the worry out of dealing with your car accident! Call us and we will perform a full inspection and give you an estimate for repairing your frame, saving your vehicle as well as your money.

Our customers are very important to us, and we will do our best to make the process easy to understand, efficient and cost-effective for you.

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